Even if you are a careful and safe driver, there is still a risk that you could be involved in a major accident. According to the Washington State Department of Transportation, there were 1,907 motor vehicle collisions in the city of Yakima in 2015 alone…. Read On

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Accidents involving parked cars are a little different than accidents in which a vehicle is moving. For one thing, you probably did not suffer physical injuries, unless you were in the parked vehicle at the time of the collision. Also, you probably do not know… Read On

Truck accidents can cause devastating injuries, especially to motorists in smaller, lighter passenger vehicles. Helpfully, Washington law allows victims to seek compensation in a settlement, which should cover the victim’s economic and non-economic losses. As leading Yakima truck accident lawyers, we routinely field calls from… Read On

Personal injury law exists to make sure injured victims receive compensation for their financial and other losses. For example, if a motorist is struck in an intersection in a car accident and broke several bones, the driver who is responsible for the injury should pay… Read On

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