Slip and fall claims are considered personal injury lawsuits under premises liability tort. In layman’s terms, a plaintiff claims that a negligent defendant caused their injury. They further claim that their injury would not have happened if the defendant had taken care of the premises… Read On

It is no secret that many of Yakima’s sidewalks have seen better days. Due to winter weather, tree roots, or other conditions, many sidewalks have crumbled into hundreds of pieces. Unfortunately, innocent pedestrians can trip on uneven pavement, cracks, or potholes, injuring themselves in the… Read On

It is a common sight in supermarkets and other stores—a yellow sign telling customers to use caution because the floors have been freshly mopped. Unfortunately, many stores never set up warning signs or cones, and unsuspecting customers can slip on the floor, suffering serious injuries… Read On

With winter fast approaching in Yakima, pedestrians soon face a daunting task—traversing one of the city’s icy sidewalks after a snowstorm. Unsurprisingly, hundreds of people each year slip and fall on ice while walking on sidewalks, some of whom sustain serious injuries. Determining legal liability… Read On