Public and private schools have a legal duty to protect the health, safety, and wellbeing of children. Unfortunately, schools do not always live up to this basic responsibility.

If your kid was injured at school, the school may be liable for their injuries. Though, these claims are notoriously complex, especially when they involve public schools. Following an accident, parents should get their case to a qualified personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

At Kapuza Lighty, PLLC, our Yakima school injury lawyers have the skills and experience needed to protect the rights of your family. If your child was injured while attending school, or while in the care of their school, or any other similar organization, we can help. Please do not hesitate to contact our legal team today for a comprehensive legal consultation.

Why School Injuries Occur in Washington

Accidents should not be blamed on children, especially young children. Your child is not to blame for their injuries. It is the adults at the school who have a duty to ensure that they are providing safe conditions for children. Unfortunately, this is not always what happens. Some reasons why school injuries occur include:

  • Unsafe premises, inside or outside of the school;
  • Playground or physical education injuries;
  • Inadequate supervision of children; and
  • Failure to conduct proper background checks on employees.

What to Do If Your Child Was Injured at School

1. Seek Medical Assistance

There is nothing that is more important than your child’s safety. If your kid was hurt in an accident at school, you need to be sure that they get professional medical attention. It is important that you always comply with the doctor’s advice and attend all follow up appointments so that your child can properly recover from their injuries.

2. Report the Accident

School injuries must be reported to the appropriate authorities. You need to make sure that your child’s teacher, the school’s principal, and the school administration have all been notified that your child was injured in an accident. This should be done in writing. Please do not overlook this step, as it is crucial to preserve your legal rights.

3. Contact a Yakima School Injury Lawyer

School injury cases are complicated. You should not go up against a school district on your own. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get a school district or an administration to cooperate. You should seek representation from a skilled Yakima, WA school injury attorney.

There are Special Legal Rules in Public School Injury Cases

All governmental entities, including public schools, have sovereign immunity. In practice, this means that there are specialized legal procedures that you must follow if you are filing a personal injury claim. If your kid was hurt in an accident at a public school, you have limited time take action to protect your rights.

Was Your Child Injured at School in Yakima, Washington?

We can help. At Kapuza Lighty, PLLC, our compassionate child injury lawyers have extensive experience handling a wide range of school injury cases. If your child was hurt while at school, you need to take immediate action. Please do not hesitate to contact our Yakima office today for assistance with your case.