Sunnyside Car Accident Lawyers

Car accidents can happen almost anywhere.

You could have been hit while tooling down I-82 or pulling out of the parking lot at the local library.

Car accidents can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your car—and cost even more to treat your medical injuries.

The Washington State Department of Transportation states that in 2019 alone, there were more than 3,000 car accidents in Yakima County. Almost a third of those accidents had a reported personal injury.

In addition, nearly 20% of the crashes in Yakima County during 2019 were due to a distracted or drunk driver. 

If you suffered injuries in a crash, you need to meet with a Sunnyside, Washington car accident lawyer from Kapuza Lighty, PLLC. We understand the pain our clients go through dealing with the physical, financial, and mental stress of an accident.

The driver who caused the accident should pay compensation to cover your losses.

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Accident Statistics for Sunnyside, WA

According to the Washington State Department of Transportation crash data portal, there were around 150 accidents involving a vehicle in Sunnyside during 2019.

Nearly 25% of those accidents had an injury. Most accidents occurred on the Yakima Valley Highway or near South 6th Street and East Edison Avenue.

Almost all of the accidents during 2019 in Sunnyside, WA, involved cars. There were no motorcycle crashes and only eight truck accidents in Sunnyside. That’s around 5% of all accidents that occurred in Sunnyside in 2019.

However, negligence was a significant factor in crashes that occurred in Sunnyside during 2019. There were ten accidents caused by a distracted driver and 14 accidents involving alcohol impairment. High-risk accidents like these make up over 15% of all crashes in Sunnyside.

Behind motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents made up the second least amount of accidents in Sunnyside during 2019.

There were only two pedestrian-involved accidents. However, both accidents involved injuries and occurred near South 6th Street.

No matter what type of accident you may have in Sunnyside, our personal injury attorneys are there to help you. At Kapuza Lighty, our Sunnyside, Washington car accident lawyers dedicate their time to accident victims and their families.

If you or a loved one suffers from injuries in an accident, our auto accident lawyers in Sunnyside will work on your behalf to build a strong case.

What to Do After a Sunnyside Car Accident

If you get into a car accident, taking these steps helps build your case for compensation:

  • Call the police and have them issue an accident report;
  • Avoid taking responsibility or apologizing for the accident;
  • Photograph the vehicles involved and their damage;
  • Take a picture of where the vehicles ended up if possible;
  • Get insurance information from all drivers involved; and
  • Receive medical treatment immediately.

While following these steps doesn’t guarantee that you will receive compensation, it will help build a stronger claim.

Proving Fault in Car Accidents

To receive compensation, you need to show that another driver is to blame for your accident.

Washington is a comparative fault state, which means that the fault of all parties goes into consideration when it comes to determining who pays compensation.

There are many situations where a driver can be at fault for a collision, including:

  • Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs;
  • Distracted driving;
  • Texting while driving;
  • Failing to use turn signals;
  • Neglecting to use mirrors when passing or backing up;
  • Reckless driving;
  • Speeding; and
  • Tailgating.

Of course, as a comparative fault state, Washington also considers your negligence. We have seen situations where a client was struck but also made some mistakes, such as trying to turn without using a turn signal.

However, you can still qualify for compensation even if you are partially to blame for the collision. You will simply see your compensation reduced by your percentage of contributory fault.

Our Sunnyside, Washington car accident attorneys can help you gather the information necessary to convince an insurer who is at fault for your crash.

We can use eyewitness statements and physical evidence, such as debris or damage on the vehicle, to help your case.

Common Car Accident Injuries

Even relatively minor injuries can send drivers and their passengers to the hospital.

Injuries can run from relatively minor to life-altering, such as:

  • Sprains and strains;
  • Contusions;
  • Lacerations or abrasions;
  • Burns;
  • Joint injuries;
  • Nerve damage;
  • Facial injuries;
  • Concussions and other brain injuries; and
  • Spinal cord injuries.

You should go to the doctor or hospital as soon as possible. Some injuries can take a day or two before you notice symptoms, so pay close attention to how your body is feeling in the days following a crash.

The Kapuza Lighty, PLLC Difference

Our client-centered approach focuses on the entire well-being of our clients.

We can help obtain compensation to pay for the expenses that suddenly fall on you after a crash:

  • Medical bills;
  • Prescription drug costs;
  • Rehabilitation costs;
  • Mental health counseling;
  • Lost wages; and
  • Damage to your vehicle or other property.

We help our clients document the extent of their economic losses, so they receive the full amount of compensation available.

We are also skilled at maximizing the compensation our clients receive for non-economic losses, such as pain and suffering and/or emotional distress.

These losses are harder to translate into monetary terms, but we can make a compelling case for why you deserve top compensation.

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