Wrong-Way​ Collision

Medina, WA A motorcyclist involved in a wrong way collision died Friday around 11 am on State Route 520.

Troopers stated that a truck headed west in the eastbound direction struck and killed a motorcyclist instantly.

The driver of the vehicle, a 79-year-old man, is cooperating with investigators. It is still unknown why he was traveling in the wrong lanes. 

Multiple drivers reported the truck driving the wrong way. 

Troopers shut down all eastbound lanes between 84th Avenue Northeast and 92nd Avenue Northeast until 2 pm Friday. 

The crash happened around a curve, but it isn’t clear if that played a role. Police are asking if the older man had a medical emergency, but they haven’t been able to get a response. 

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Sources: Patch, KIRO7

Please note that all the information in this article is taken from outside sources and not verified independently. If you or a loved one has been affected by this crash and wishes to have a name removed, please click this link. REMOVE POST.


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