Most lawsuits settle out of court. In fact, government statistics show that over 90% of cases never see a courtroom. Settling has many advantages, including faster access to compensation and a guaranteed amount of money. However, one question clients ask us is, “Are settlements public… Read On

Personal injury law exists to make sure injured victims receive compensation for their financial and other losses. For example, if a motorist is struck in an intersection in a car accident and broke several bones, the driver who is responsible for the injury should pay… Read On

If you have been injured on someone else’s property, you might have a premises liability lawsuit. For example, many people slip and fall in businesses, in parking lots, or on private residences. In Washington state, judges have created premises liability law, which you should be… Read On

After an accident, many clients come to us confused about what to do. They know they need compensation to cover ever-increasing medical bills and to replace lost wages, but they don’t know who to even contact to get the money they need. This is where… Read On

Some injuries are intentional—someone deliberately strikes you with their car or hits you with a baseball bat. But other injuries are unintentional, caused by the defendant’s carelessness. In these unintentional cases, you have been injured by someone’s “negligence” and you can bring a lawsuit for… Read On

A lawyer provides many benefits, so in most situations you would benefit from a lawyer. However, you should closely analyze your situation to see if a lawyer is absolutely necessary. In a few cases, you might be able to represent yourself. How Injured Are You?… Read On