The purpose of bringing a lawsuit or seeking a settlement after a car accident is to compensate you for your economic losses.

These are monetary losses you suffer as a direct result of the car accident, and for many people with serious injuries it includes lost wages.

But what happens if you are self-employed? To receive car accident lost wages, self employed people will need to prove, with sufficient evidence, how much they were likely to have made had they never been involved in the accident.

This can be a challenge, so reach out to a Yakima car accident attorney today.

Defining “Self-Employed”

Generally, you will be considered self employed if you are a freelancer, independent contractor, or own your own business. For example, someone who works as a hairdresser is considered self-employed if she has her own hair salon. Basically, you aren’t self-employed if you work for someone who pays you a wage and pays the employer portion of your FICA taxes.

Proving Lost Self-Employment Income

No two self-employed people have the exact same situation, so the evidence you will need will vary based on your circumstances. Let’s run through some examples:

You might be a freelancer who receives regular assignments from one or two clients. In this case, you can ask them to write a letter stating how much work they were prepared to offer you while you were injured and how much they would have paid you. Because you do regular work for these clients, this evidence is persuasive. It is very probable you would have done the work had you not been injured.

If you make about the same amount year to year, then you can use your tax returns as proof of your income. Contact the IRS to receive a copy of your return.

If you received a business opportunity that was worth a lot of money, you should document it. Keep the offer letter or email. For example, an injured actor or musician might have had to turn down a gig. You can argue you would have accepted the job had you not been injured.

If you have your own business with many clients, then you should gather business records that show how much business you typically receive during the months where you were recovering from your car accident injuries.

For example, if you had to shut down your food truck for six months, you can gather records from the previous year showing how much money you typically make.

Every case is different, so meet with an experienced car accident lawyer for help finding sufficient evidence of your lost self-employment income.

Your Yakima Car Accident Attorney

Kapuza Lighty has helped many self-employed victims receive compensation for lost income. We are well versed in finding the documentation necessary to establish your monetary loss, and we have helped many self-employed victims receive favorable settlements

For more information about our services, please contact us today. You have a short amount of time to make a claim for compensation, so avoid delay.


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