What-to-Do-After-a-Motorcycle-AccidentThe moments after a motorcycle crash can be disorientating. You might not know exactly what happened or who is to blame.

But if you can get up and brush yourself off, then you should immediately begin collecting evidence that is crucial to your case.

As experienced Yakima motorcycle accident attorneys, we have seen people undercut their claim to compensation by not taking the right steps after a crash.

Here is what to do after a motorcycle accident so you can preserve your legal rights.

Check if Anyone Needs an Ambulance

Ask everyone involved in the crash if they need emergency services to come out. If they do, call 9-1-1 or ask someone else to. You must make everyone’s health a priority—including your own. If you don’t feel right, then sit down and wait for the ambulance to arrive.

Take Pictures of the Accident Scene

If you have your smartphone on you, then take it out and immediately start taking pictures before the vehicles are moved to the side of the road. Get at least one snap of the crash scene and take pictures of any cars involved in the crash. Zoom in so you can see where your bike collided with the vehicle.

Also take pictures of any debris the road and skid marks. These can help recreate the accident scene for people later.

Move Your Bike to the Side of the Road

After getting pictures, you should remove your bike to the side of the road. Also pick up any debris that is lying around. You could be responsible if someone gets into an accident because they struck your motorcycle or other debris.

Call the Police

An officer will arrive and draw up a police report. Your report contains critical information about the crash, such as who was involved and where and when the accident happened. Your insurance company will probably want to see a police report, so either get a copy or ask the officer for the report number.

Swap Information

You should obtain the following from any driver involved in the crash:

  • Name
  • Vehicle make and model
  • Phone number
  • Insurance information

If there were witnesses to the accident, also get their information, including their name and contact information. You might need to have them testify later about what they saw.

As you swap information, remember not to say anything that sounds like you are taking responsibility for the crash. Don’t apologize or say, “I never even saw you!”, which sounds like you are admitting you were distracted in the moments leading up to the crash. Instead, keep small talk to a minimum.

Contact an Attorney for Assistance

You will be at a disadvantage negotiating a settlement if you do not have an attorney in your corner. An experienced Yakima motorcycle accident attorney can help convince an insurance adjuster that your injuries are so serious that you deserve top dollar in compensation.

Contact Kapuza Lighty today. We have represented many motorcyclists, and we can help you, too. To start the process, schedule a free initial consultation.


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