Concussion Settlement AmountsEvery year, millions of Americans suffer a concussion head injury, and in many cases, these injuries are caused by the negligence or recklessness of another person.

If you are injured and suffer a concussion, you might have a claim for personal injuries against those responsible for the harm. Concussions can require significant medical treatment and have long periods of recovery.

It’s normal to wonder how much you might get in a settlement for your concussion injury claims, and the answer is that it depends. The experienced personal injury attorneys at Kapuza Lighty in Yakima have represented many clients suffering from concussions and traumatic brain injuries at all levels to help them get the compensation they deserve for their injuries. Call or contact our office today to learn more about our wide range of legal services that could help you and your injury claims.

What is a Concussion?

A concussion is another term for a type of traumatic brain injury. Concussions can range from mild to severe, with symptoms that include headaches, dizziness, loss of consciousness, memory loss, nausea, vomiting, mood swings, personality changes, confusion, and clumsiness.

Concussions can affect your sensory perceptions such as sight, taste, hearing, and smell. These issues can be temporary and go away after a few days, last for weeks or months, and in some cases remain a permanent side effect of your injury.


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If you believe that you have suffered a concussion after an accident, it is critical that you seek medical treatment right away. Getting medical help right after the accident can minimize the damage of the traumatic brain injury and potentially prevent complications that could cause even worse injuries or death.

Factors That Affect Concussion Settlements

There are a couple of factors that affect the amount of a concussion settlement. The first is the severity of the injury and extent of medical treatment needed for recovery. More serious concussions require more medical treatment, and your settlement will cover all of your medical expenses related to the accident.

Another factor in the settlement is whether the concussion caused any permanent damage and how that might affect your employment in addition to your day to day life. Concussion settlement amounts take into account future income, benefits, and the pain and suffering caused by a concussion injury.

How Our Office Can Help

The skilled injury attorneys at Kapuza Lighty start building the best possible case for compensation the moment we are hired by a client. Our lawyers review all of the evidence of the accident and our investigators speak with everyone who witnessed what occurred.

We collect medical records, bills, treatment notes, and receipts for other expenses that resulted from your traumatic brain injury. Our attorneys communicate and negotiate with the insurance companies so that you do not have to manage your legal case and recover from your injuries at the same time.

We understand how much your concussion claim is worth and will not settle for anything less than the full and fair value of your case. If the insurance companies refuse to settle for a fair amount, our office is not afraid to take your case to trial. We will aggressively advocate on behalf of your claims and fight for the compensation you deserve for your concussion injuries.

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There is no need for you to suffer through a concussion injury any try to handle your personal injury case at the same time. Call the office or contact us today at Kapuza Lighty in Yakima to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney about your claims and learn more about your legal options after suffering a concussion injury.


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