Average wrongful death settlementWrongful death settlements are often larger than settlements for other types of lawsuits. After all, someone has died, and surviving family members have been deprived of any relationship with their loved one going forward.

But how much money are you looking at? Unfortunately, no one keeps statistics on the “average” amount awarded.

Furthermore, settlements are private and not publicized, so we only know about settlement we have obtained for our own clients.

Nevertheless, there are several factors that will go into calculating an amount of a settlement, such as the following.

How Much did the Deceased Contribute Financially?

Surviving family members can receive compensation for the income their loved one contributed to the household. For this reason, someone who lost the main breadwinner will probably receive more in a wrongful death settlement than if the person who died was retired or worked only part time.

No one knows with certainty how much your loved one would have made had they lived, but a jury will look at his or her age, health, education, and work experience, along with how much they were making at the time of death.

How Much Medical Care did Your Loved One Need?

Wrongful death settlements can also compensate you for medical bills the deceased incurred to treat the injuries they ultimately died from. If he or she needed extensive care, then you can expect to receive more. Collect all medical bills and show them to your wrongful death attorney.

Depending on the severity of injuries, you can also receive compensation for your loved one’s pain and suffering. If he or she was awake after the accident and in considerable pain, you can receive a sum of money meant to compensate for this discomfort.

How Close Were You to the Deceased?

Surviving family members can also receive compensation for intangible losses like lost companionship, care, and instruction. Generally, you will receive more if a young child died or if your parent died than if you are a grown adult and your sibling died. However, it is difficult to put a precise price tag on these intangible injuries. Our lawyers prove their worth by maximizing the amount you receive for these types of intangible losses.

Did Your Loved One Contribute to their Own Death?

Sometimes, accident victims are negligent themselves. For example, your loved one might have suddenly stopped in front of a large truck, contributing to the override that killed him or her. A victim’s own negligence is called “contributory negligence.” In Washington, the amount of compensation a party needs to pay will be offset by your loved one’s percentage of fault.

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Wrongful death cases present unique legal issues that inexperienced lawyers are unprepared to handle. When so much is at stake, why not hire an experienced wrongful death attorney in Washington to have in your corner.

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