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Reach out to an experienced personal injury lawyer at Kapuza Lighty for immediate help.

It should be no secret that insurance companies are in the business of making money.

To increase their bottom line, companies encourage their claims adjusters to deny as many claims as possible or to offer far less in compensation than injured victims need.

After an accident, you are probably in a great deal of pain and worried about the future.

Medical bills arrive daily and you may be unable to work.

On top of everything else, an insurance company decides to play hardball and to deny your claim. What should you do?

Analyze Why Your Claim Was Denied

The insurance company should send you a letter detailing why they denied your claim. Some common reasons include:

  • Questions over liability. If you were at fault for the accident and your injuries, you cannot make a claim on another person’s liability insurance. Often, insurance companies will dispute who is at fault for an accident.
  • The accident or injury might not be covered by the policy.
  • Pre-existing condition. Your physical injuries might pre-date the accident, which means that the insurance company does not have to pay out compensation.

Read the denial letter to see precisely why you were denied. If the letter is unclear, call and talk to the insurance company.

How an Attorney Can Help You

If you suffered bodily injuries, then you might want to fight the denial. An experienced attorney will understand the evidence you need to make a compelling case. Your lawyer can also advise whether you should appeal the insurance denial internally or file a lawsuit and try to win your case that way.

Lawyers can help identify the evidence you need and will know how to find it:

  • There might be witnesses who nobody spoke to. A lawyer can help find them and take their statement.
  • Video cameras might have captured the accident. A lawyer will know how to request permission to review security footage.
  • You might need to meet with another doctor who can review your injuries with fresh eyes. Your injuries might be much more serious than originally thought.
  • Your damaged vehicle might contain clues about who is at fault for the collision and how the accident unfolded.

If you never meet with a lawyer, you probably will never find the above information. You probably won’t know whether you have a valid claim, either.

Be Aware of Insurance Company Tricks

Insurance companies say all kinds of things to keep people from bringing successful claims against them. Have you heard any of the following:

  • The law does not allow the insurance company to offer more. Actually, the law does not limit how much an insurance company can offer for a settlement.
  • You don’t need a lawyer. This is flat-out untrue. With a lawyer, you increase your chances of obtaining a favorable settlement.
  • You need to give a recorded statement. You probably do need to make a statement to the insurance company, but you can do so on your terms.

Don’t let insurance adjusters intimidate you into giving up on your claim or accepting pennies. Instead, meet with a Yakima car accident lawyer at Kapuza Lighty today to discuss your options.


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