car hitting a parked car

Accidents involving parked cars are a little different than accidents in which a vehicle is moving. For one thing, you probably did not suffer physical injuries, unless you were in the parked vehicle at the time of the collision.

Also, you probably do not know the identity of the person who hit your vehicle unless they kindly left a note behind. In Yakima, unfortunately, some motorists will just take off after ploughing into a parked car, so you might never be able to identify the person to blame.

As a leading Yakima car accident firm, we receive many questions, such as, “Someone hit my parked car, what do I do?” We recommend that you follow the tips in this article. According to our experience, these 4 steps will increase your chances of receiving compensation under your collision policy.

4 Steps to Take After Someone Hits Your Parked Car

Step 1: Call the Police

A police officer can swing by and fill out an accident report. This report is very helpful, because it definitely establishes an accident has taken place. Without it, you’ll need other evidence to establish that someone hit your parked car (instead of, say, crashing it yourself when you were driving down the road).

Make sure to get a copy of the police report or, at a minimum, get the police report number. Your insurance company will want a copy of the report.

Step 2: Take Photographs of the Damage to Your Vehicle

As you wait for the police officer to arrive, you can take pictures of any damage. Walk around your vehicle and take pictures from all sides. You should also zoom in on any damage that you see. After a vehicle hits you, paint can smear off onto your own car, so try to photograph that as well.

Also, take pictures of important landmarks that help establish exactly where your vehicle is parked. You should also write down important information, such as the location of your car and the time when you discovered that it had been hit.

Step 3: Talk to Witnesses

Someone might have seen another driver hit your car. For example, you might have been parked outside a store, and some employees could have seen the driver who hit your car. Walk around to local businesses and ask if they saw anyone saw anything. They might have, in which case you should write down a description of the vehicle that is at fault, such as make or model and color. Also take down the name of any witness and their phone number or email address.

You can also check whether a nearby business has security cameras. Sometimes, these cameras are pointed toward the road, and they could have captured the accident as it happened. If so, you might be able to get a copy of the video.

Step 4: Submit a Timely Claim to Your Insurer

Call up your insurance agent as soon as possible and report the crash. Your agent can let you know what other information they will need. They might also have claim forms that you must fill out. Unless you identify the driver who hit your parked car, you will probably only be able to make a claim on your collision coverage.

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